Monday, June 6, 2016

Cedar Breaks National Monument | Utah

Cedar Breaks is a small national monument near Cedar City, Utah. It's up over 10,000' and on the drive up, we went on a winding, steep road that led us to areas that still had piles of snow on the ground (this is June!).

I'm not sure why this sign is parallel to the road.....

If you look closely at the photo below, you can see snow in the crevasses.

There was a furry little critter running around. We later talked to a ranger and she told us it's a marmot and they just started coming out from hibernation. She said they look a little skinny, but we thought they looked chubby.

More photos of the scenery....


Photos of the drive back to the camp from the monument. These were taken through the windshield.


I put together a short video of Cedar Breaks at -


  1. Your pictures are beautiful. I live in Florida. I am traveling the east coast at the moment but hope to go west in the fall. I would love to see Cedar National Monument. Are there many campgrounds or boondocking areas there and how are the cost? Thanks. Sharon

    1. Thanks - great place. I'm from Florida also, and you'll find more free places to camp in this area. Sent you a reply on email with a link to find more camping. Have fun!