Saturday, June 25, 2016

Antelope Island State Park | Great Salt Lake |Utah

This is one of the many bison statues that are placed around the park.  The Bison were not native to this island but were imported back in the 1800s.  A couple of the other statues are shown below.

It's hard to get a decent picture of a bison since they always have their head to the ground eating.  I did catch this one being a little bit lazy.  If annoyed they can run over 30 miles an hour, so I wasn't getting too close.  They can weigh up to 2,000 pounds

This next photo shows the causeway coming to the island, which is 7 miles long.  The island itself is 15 miles long and 5 miles wide.

There is the marina when you first come onto the island but since there's not much boat traffic, it was a little bit empty.  People say there's not much boating on the lake anyway, possibly because there's no fish because of the salt content.

I was surprised to find seagulls here, and then I saw white pelicans.  There are a lot of migratory birds that stop off here at the Great Salt Lake.

 One day while I was touring the island I saw something in the road ahead so I started to slow down.  I let the truck idle forward so I wouldn't scare these two.  They just stood and stared back at me for a while and then they decided to go off  into the meadow.

On another day I saw these two antelope in the middle of the field so I stopped the truck and got out to take a photo.  I was surprised when they started to walk toward the road where I was standing and they crossed right in front of me.

There is always great scenery around this island as well as multiple hiking trails.

This is a pronghorn antelope that was nice enough to pose for me for a couple minutes.

Jack rabbits are all over the place but they're hard to catch.  I sneaked up on this guy just about sunset.

I found another wildflower that I had not seen before.

They have fantastic sunsets here every night - with or without clouds.

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  1. Beautiful place, you saw lots of wild life for sure. Love the bison! :)