Sunday, November 25, 2018

Signs Here and There

In my travels with my RV, I see lots of signs.  I take photos of them when I can, but I have seen some really special ones that I have unfortunately missed due to traffic and other reasons where I can't stop.  I'd like to share some of the ones I have captured.
This is a nice way for an RV park to tell everyone to slow down!

Hurricane areas have this sign quite a bit, but people in other areas might not have seen it.


I'm sure some people need to have this street labeled so they can find it.

Found on an old truck - I believe I may have had a car like this at one time.

At least these people admit to it.

No matter what this T-shirt says - this is not your friend!

I'm not sure where this was, possibly an RV park or a ghost town or ........... 

Just a friendly reminder.

Another RV park that doesn't want people speeding through.  At least this sign gets noticed.

This is near the Mexico border, for those who haven't been that far south.  I never have seen anyone wandering around in that area.

In the Southwest, all the washes are named, like it or not.  A wash is an area that nature has made a river when heavy rains cannot be absorbed, they sometimes pass roads and you'll find a sign that says "Do not enter when flooded".

Of course, tomorrow doesn't usually get here because it's always today.......

RV fix-it guy with a good sense of humor.

And in the same area, if your toes need hauling......

You might also need to fill up your RV propane tank.

Many RV people who drive a Class A or C tow a vehicle for exploring when in a park.

Just in case you were wondering, this guy says he's the real thing.

I would have liked to have had this sign at some of my jobs.


We all know there are certain people.......
 I love this sign, it's true that some animals behave better than some people!

 This restaurant had a great deal!

I never knew this, but it makes sense!


Thursday, November 8, 2018

San Carlos | Mexico!!

When I drove to San Carlos a few days ago, this new sign greeted me.  I knew when I left last spring that they were planning to put up a sign, similar to other towns in Mexico.

A friend followed me in her RV, since she had never been here before.  To get her acquainted, we did a quick tour of the town.  She still has more to see.

Below is the newly created town square, we just missed the celebration of the "opening".

The church is right there and is a very unique looking church.

This is the first time I have seen the inside.

In front of the church on the patio is a nice mosaic.
Last year, I drove up to this old building sitting on a hill overlooking the water.  I just love the scenery here, and of course, I'm intrigued with abandoned buildings, so we had to take more photos.  The window on the left shows the famous Tetakawi, a familiar landmark in town.

They have redone the overlook near the Tetakawi and we had to check that out, great view.

Of course, a visit to the beach had to be included!

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Smokey Bear | Forest Fires

Smokey Bear profile illustration

I watched multiple fires this summer, from a distance, and then closer; while I was camping in several different Forest Service Campgrounds.  After seeing the hard work and lots of tax dollars that go into fighting these fires, I started talking to people who agreed that Smokey is not as well publicized today as he has been in the past.  Other people agreed that they hadn't seen much of anything about him in years. 

However, he does have a new website,, published just this year, from which I borrowed the above photo.  I have a feeling that after this summer, he will have more of a presence than he has in years past.   This year, I saw some photos of firefighters carrying out a cub from the fires, which is how Smokey Bear, and his message, got started decades ago.  I hope that the message will continue with more publicity. 

At one of the Forest Service campgrounds I stayed at, the camp hosts had these little bracelets labeled "Smokey's Friend", a good reminder to be careful!
She also had comic books about Smokey and fires, which had apparently been reprinted from years gone by. 

Although he still does not have the presence that he used to, I'm hoping that more people will become aware of the danger and destruction by forest fires. 

Remember - "Only YOU can prevent forest fires"

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Devil's Canyon Campground | Wilson's Arch | Utah

On one of my morning hikes, I noticed a few deer in the distance and as I kept sneaking up on them, noticed this one just sitting calmly among the others.  I kept sneaking up on her, taking photos of her with my zoom lens, until I got this close.  Then she decided it was enough and got up to follow the rest.

I had been to this National Forest campground 3 years ago and really enjoyed it.  This is my spot this time, a little bit unlevel, but I made it work.  Recapture Reservoir is nearby, and looks like a great place to boondock, but by the time I saw it, I was all settled.  This area is Route 191, about halfway between Monticello and Blanding, Utah.

Mother Nature got a bit artistic with this tree root.

Some silly person decided this tree needed an occupant.

Even though the campground is at 7000', there are mountains in the distance.

Not too far away is Wilson's Arch, which I didn't get to climb last time I was in the neighborhood.  So a little exploring trip was in order, along with great scenery on the way.  This is Church Rock, right by the road and quite large.

Wilson's Arch.

I decided I needed to climb up to at least under the arch.  This is about halfway up and I decided the other side would be easier to climb.

It may not be easier to climb on this side either, but I finally made it.  The trail was quite steep. 

Did I mention I don't like heights?  Here I am, sitting on the rock, looking at how tiny those people and vehicles are.  It looks like I could slide down easily.  I will take me longer to get down safely than it did going up.  The next photo shows the view on the side.


Part way down, I turned around to see my progress.  I'm still not that far down, but it gives another perspective of the arch.

I was very relieved to get back on level land, congratulating myself that I made it down without incident.