Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Killer Cat vs Killer Hiking Boots

This is my cat, Chica, adopted when she was about 8 months old.  She had been living on the streets when she got trapped, spayed and then fostered for a short time before I ended up with her.  She looks like a sweet kitty, doesn't she?  She's very sweet and affectionate and usually well behaved.  The photo below makes you think she's about to attack that ball - she loves those balls.

She even plays fetch with the balls, if she's in the mood. 

You would think, with her background, she would be a great mouser and there would be no problems, right?  Well, maybe not.......  She's very considerate and doesn't wake me up with her night-time wandering, until a few nights ago.  I woke up about 3:30 to the sound of her banging into things in the living area of my RV.  So out of the ordinary, I had to get up and check it out. 

I went down there and saw her chasing a mouse around the room - a MOUSE!!  A tiny little thing, about 3-4 inches long.  I have never had one inside, although they have been in the storage area below.  After I got over freaking out, I decided to help her and picked up everything on the floor, her toys, water bowl, and other items we have sitting around.  This gave her more room without objects in the way.  During this time, the mouse was running around with Chica in hot pursuit, sometimes both of them running over my foot. 

The mouse got under the sofa, so I pulled the front off, which gives me a huge storage space underneath.  Everything had to come out of there and piled wherever I could put them - this is a small 5th wheel.  Chica was relentless, she kept after the mouse.  When the mouse disappeared for a time, she would run around the room looking for it.  Then it would appear again and the race continued.  When Chica had the mouse cornered, they would stare at each other - until the mouse ran off again.  The mouse would hide again and then Chica would sit there waiting, with her tail twitching. 

This went on for close to 2 hours - both of them racing around the room.  I was getting a bit annoyed and told Chica to wrap it up.  After all, she lived on the streets for months, she must have caught little critters to eat - she could not have forgotten how to do this, right? 

RVs usually have lots of upholstery - even edging the doors.  The mouse noticed this and zipped right up to the top of the door.  By that time, I was ready to end it, so I grabbed my hiking boot and whacked the mouse - he fell to the floor and continued running, but at a slower pace.  OK, now was the time that Chica could get him and get this over with!!  After another couple of loops around the room, I waited until the mouse was in a corner and went over with my killer hiking book and gave him another few whacks to finish him off. 

Chica wanted to go over and check him out, to see if he wanted to play again.  I kept her away and scooped him up and into a plastic bag.  What a relief!!  Chica kept roaming the area, sniffing to see if she could find her little friend, but thank goodness, there was only one of them!  I have no idea how long this would have taken if I had not intervened - and I don't want to know!  I like to think my sweet little kitty would be able to save me from one of these critters, but it could take days and she might become attached to her little friend.

I guess "Killer Cat" is not the appropriate word - but I do have some killer hiking boots!  Good thing she's a great little pet.  For those of you wondering, if she had caught this by herself, I would not have let her eat it - it would still have ended up in that plastic bag.  You never know where those critters have been or if they're diseased.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Nebo Loop | Ponderosa Campground | Nephi | Utah

From Nevada, I landed in Nephi, Utah.  There is a great scenic drive nearby, these are some of the sights I saw on the trip around.  Below is the Devil's Kitchen - you have to walk down a short trail, and it overlooks this scene.  Such a difference from the rest of the area.

Mostly, the area is mountains and a few red rock areas built into the mountains.


I was camped in a nearby Forest Service camp, Ponderosa Campground, this little creek ran along my campsite.

My back yard was spacious and shady.

Wild turkeys were in the area and I got to catch a mom and 2 of her babies.

Adjacent to the campground, there is a trail to a meadow, all you have to do is crawl through the gate.  Pretty area up there, some of this type of grass was taller than I am.

I was lucky to have this butterfly pose for me.


Thursday, July 26, 2018

Great Basin National Park | Lehman Caves | Nevada

I always have to stop to see interesting things left in a field.

Great Basin has ranching exhibit with a shelter over it, and along the rails at the top are these metal cutouts.

Great Basin National Park covers a massive amount of square miles, although some areas are not easily accessible.  The drive to Wheeler Peak is very scenic, another one of those steep roads with some drop-offs that I can't look at while I'm driving.

Lehman Caves was the highlight of my tour of the park.  The cave tours are all reserved and led by rangers.  Although it may be hot outside, the caves stay about 50 degrees, we were warned to bring a jacket. 

The little wavy formation hanging down is called Cave Bacon because it kind of looks like bacon.  I have seen it in other caves where it actually looked more like bacon. 

These next 3 formations are actually overhead.


All these photos were taken with available light, since they requested no flashes, which is typical of these tours. 

Some of the areas were lit quite well, like this one. 

This is not a usual color for caves, but here it is.

I thought this was a cute sign.  Not only was there a stop sign at the corner, and the arrows pointing each way, but someone decided Whoa would work better.  The blurry gray squares were political signs, so I blocked them out.
If you're in this neighborhood, definitely plan on visiting, lots of good scenery and a cool cave tour. 

Monday, July 16, 2018

Ely | Train Museum | Nevada

If there's a train ride, I'm ready to go.  Not only did I get to ride the train, but there's a museum and we are allowed access to the giant train garage and workshop.  The photo below is the main museum, gift shop and other offices.

Ely is mostly desert, but this proves there are green fields in the area!

There are 2 tunnels on the ride and this seems like the most modern. 

At the end of the ride, near the mine before they do the turn-around, they have some old-time buildings, a graveyard with humorous "headstones" and a few other things.

I just figure this must be the hanging "tree", but it might just be my imagination.


I think the majority of the people on board rode in the open car, although they did have the regular passenger cars.

Back at the station, there are many buildings, some quite rustic.

This guy looks like an old pro at this.

Inside the huge building that houses train engines and the workshop are other interesting finds.  I think this is an antique caboose.

Since it does snow in this area, they have this engine, a rotary snow plow - I guess someone has to get rid of all that white stuff.

There are numerous other engines just sitting around.


I'm not sure what this would be, but it was there too.
A view of another building in the yard, but one we didn't get to tour.
The mechanic shop had all sorts of huge equipment, even the drills were giant sized.