Monday, February 11, 2019

San Carlos | Mexico | After Summer Storms

San Carlos, Mexico!  On the left, the double peak is the Tetakawi, the most familiar landmark in the area.  This day looks nice and peaceful, great weather.

However, last summer, the San Carlos area got hit by a couple hurricanes in the area, and caused quite a bit of damage.  Most buildings were safe.  Unfortunately, this poor sailboat was someone's home, but was grounded and damaged during one of the storms. 

Someone is now living in this boat, laundry out in the sun, as you can see from the photo below.

Other boats were also damaged and aground.

This staircase leads to the El Mar restaurant, but most of the steps are still buried in the sand that was brought up onto the beach during the storms.

The storms are over and the weather has turned mild and peaceful.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Sons of Freedom Pajama Parade San Carlos | Mexico

The Sons of Freedom is a local motorcycle club that gets together at their clubhouse for socializing, as well as sponsoring various events in town, such as this parade, and gathering Christmas gifts for children in the area.

This Pajama Parade is held every January 1 in the morning,  people dress as if they had just gotten up after celebrating New Year's Eve and went right out for breakfast, which is what they did.  After breakfast, they parade through town, led by one of our police vehicles.

Unfortunately, it was a cold, partly overcast day for the parade this year.

Unfortunately, I did miss a few vehicles because it's a two lane road and there were cars in the lane closest to me.

In spite of the cool weather, people got out in open vehicles including these.

And in the back of pickups!




Saturday, December 29, 2018

Guaymas | Mexico

Guaymas is about 10 miles from San Carlos, and is the "mother" city to San Carlos, sometimes shown on maps as Nuevo Guaymas - new Guaymas.

There are many churches in town, some quite eye-catching.  Off to the side, there was a nativity scene.

Across the street was a very ornate gazebo.
Garland was wrapped around palm trees for Christmas decorations near the waterfront.

There are many old buildings in this area, this is one of them, abandoned now.
The waterfront is a big bay which looks quite industrial.

This lighthouse seems surrounded by hills, so I'm not sure if it's for decoration or if it can been seen from the Sea of Cortez.

Fishing in Guaymas has been a tradition for centuries, this memorial stands looking out to sea.

Fishing boats are very simple and this is how they get seafood to the many restaurants in the area.  The little island out in the bay was totally covered with cactus.

 It looks like sea birds are the only ones who make use of this old dock. 
Pelicans and seagulls follow the fishing boats in, hoping that one of the fishermen will toss them something.

And back in San Carlos, a short hike with a friend on Christmas Day.  We found multiple trees that had been decorated with shells, shiny balls and other items.

It was a sunny day, but the Tetakawi, the mountain on the left, had clouds over the iconic peaks.


Saturday, December 15, 2018

Things to do in San Carlos | Mexico

Since I've been coming to San Carlos for the winter seasons, I have found many things to do here.  I have been volunteering at the book shop that is run by the SBPA organization which funds the spay/neuter program in this area. 
All books are donated and then sold to fund the approximately 2,000+ operations on pets and strays each year.  It's a worthy cause, so I donate a day a week, and extra time when they have a yearly sale of donated goods, as well as bake sales and other functions.  They produce a calendar yearly with multiple photos of pets who have been rescued, which also helps finance the clinic.  If you look on the table in the photo below, you can see on the left side the cover of the 2019 calendar.
I fostered kittens for a couple of years, until I adopted my own little stray.  There are people who foster cats and dogs, one woman has multiple animals at any one time and tries to find other foster parents and people to adopt them when they're old enough.  She does a great job and always could use help.
More information about this organization is available at
Another place I volunteer at each week is the Rescate Thrift Store, which supports the ambulance service in town.  Rescate means rescue in Spanish.  Everything in the store has been donated and I think it's another worthy organization.  More information about Rescate and their ambulance service is at


This is our clinic, for emergencies.

There is another thrift store in town called Castaway Kids, with more opportunities to volunteer.  They support numerous charitable causes, mostly for children and their families.  They have recently moved into a new building and now have lots more room, but they're still doing the finishing touches.  Information about Castaway Kids is at

Club Deportivo has many uses, they have a full professional kitchen and volunteers make many dinners as fund raisers for different types of groups.  There are also yoga gatherings, Karoake nights and ceramics, which I have been attending.

There are many restaurants in town, most of them provide live music during dinner.  A couple of my favorites are Soggy Peso and La Palapa Griega, mainly because you can sit at tables right on the beach!

La Palapa Griega is right in town, and they have something going on most days, either afternoon or evening.  They are only 2 of the very many restaurants in town and the food is great.

There is always a large Bazaar a few weeks before Christmas, and smaller ones other times of the year.  Colors in Mexico are bright and cheerful, as you can see from some of their pottery.


There are always people selling local honey, either on the sidewalks in town or at a bazaar.  This one has part of a hive there also.

There are many other things to do here, scuba diving, kayaking and paddleboarding, as well as just swimming in the Sea of Cortez are very popular.  Unfortunately, by the time I get down here, it's too cold for me to get in the water!  Horseback rides are available, either in the desert or on the beach.  Just before Christmas, there is a boat parade and on New Year's Day there is a Pajama Parade.  We have gyms for those who want to exercise, or you can just take long walks on the beaches. Golf and Pickleball is available.  At Thanksgiving and Christmas the restaurants prepare traditional holiday food. There are always fun events for fundraising, always including good music and food.  There are many things to do here in San Carlos, including special concerts and a Parrothead Club, hosting special events.  This is definitely not a full list. 
Clean Up San Carlos is a local organization who gathers about once a week to clean up some of the litter in town.  It's all volunteer and it's good exercise as well as a good deed for the community.  More information on this is at
Even though this is a small town, everyone is friendly and helpful.  There is a local organization called Agua y Mas, which supports an orphanage in Guaymas, only 10 miles from San Carlos.  We have been donating to this orphanage for a few years and there are also volunteering opportunities for them.  You can even help this organization  from wherever you are, follow this link  -
For a small town in Mexico, there is so much going on.  You can get involved in as much as you want, or as little as you want.  It's a great place to live, or to come down here to escape the colder weather up in the States during the winter.