Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Fielding Garr Ranch | Antelope Island State Park | Utah

This farm was in operation for 133 years, starting in 1848.  The Mormon church was involved with it from then until 1875.  

As you can see, there are numerous artifacts and relics from the farming days.  Including the following camper that they took out into the fields for sheep shearing.

In past years they have raised cattle as well as sheep, now there is a herd of almost 700 bison, which are herded together about once a year.  Some are sold off or some are made into Buffalo burgers.  I talked to a Ranger about the difference between buffalo and bison.  He told me that there are no actual buffalo is the States, what are called buffalo are actually bison.  The name "buffalo burger" is still used, even at the grill within the park.

The island was changed into a state park in 1981 and the farm is not a working farm, but the buildings have been refurbished and now the entire grounds are a museum.

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