Friday, June 10, 2016

Camping near Yankee Meadows Campground | Dixie National Forest | Parowan, Utah

We were on the way to the Yankee Meadows Campground in the Dixie National Forest off Route 143 in Utah, just outside of Parowan. The road was steep with lots of twists and turns, as well as amazing bright red rock formations on each side of the road. The road turns to a dirt road for a short way. Along that part of the road, about a mile before reaching the actual campground, there are two camping areas that have designated camping on each side of the road. 

The camping areas had large sites that provided enough space from your neighbor so you didn't feel crowded. There are no facilities in these camping areas, so there is no fee. We did check out Yankee Meadows Campground and found that they had a restroom, water spigots in a few places, picnic tables and steel fire rings. For these features, you'd be paying a small fee.

My traveling friend and I decided we liked free better, so we chose one of the camping areas we had first checked out. The roads in were fine and the scenery is terrific, with a little stream at the far side of the campground, complete with a little bridge so you can walk over the stream to explore the area.

Down the road past the actual Yankee Meadow Campground there is a beautiful lake with a mountain view - snow still on the peaks in June.

I was able to catch a shot of a deer at dusk way over in a grove of aspens.

More scenery in the surrounding area.....



  1. Thanks for the beautiful pictures! I'm taking some Scouts up there this weekend and wanted to see where the ideal "free" camping would be found. In your picture #9, this looks like a perfect place but wonder where that's located and what you think.

    1. That scene is around the neighborhood I was camped in. Check out the route in the first paragraph of the blog - shortly after you hit the dirt road you will see dirt roads going off to campgrounds on each side. I was in the one on the right and close to the back part of the campground. Both sides are easy to get into and the roads are decent. There is a large campsite - you go straight in it'll be off to the right side where it makes where the road makes a loop. It would be perfect for a bunch of Scouts. Have fun!