Thursday, March 31, 2016

Quartzsite, Arizona | Camping in the Desert

I came to Quartzsite because of a propane leak and I knew the RV season here would be ending and the fix-it guys would have time to deal with it.  I made contact with one of them before I left Tucson and he was on the job first thing Monday morning.  Great not to smell the leaking propane.  Since my refrigerator had been running on propane, I had turned it off the night before I drove over and then went into a park to hook up so I could run it.  I am impressed - the ice was still frozen as well as other items in the freezer, and that's after being off for almost 20 hours. 

I have no idea what the story is on the photo below, but it's interesting.  This was on the way out to desert camping.

At Dome Rock, I feel I'm in the middle of  nowhere.  The first photo above shows a campsite that was decorated with the quartz rocks this area is named for.  Desert dwellers have lots of time on their hands!

As for me, I'm hiking (actually wandering around the desert), reading, relaxing and doing a few projects, like doing my tax return.  And enjoying the solitude and scenery, as you can see below.

A month ago this entire area was full of RVs.  This area is home to many winter visitors, it goes on for miles and you can see hundreds of rock fire rings that have been used.  On my hike today I thought the RVers did a great job of picking up and keeping a clean area.  Considering that probably thousands of people were in this neighborhood, I only found a water jug, a plastic wrapper from firewood and a Coke can.  And what's in the following picture which has been there for ages.

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