Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Lake Havasu City | Again

I set off yesterday to camp at a site just over the border from Arizona into California.  When I arrived at the planned campsite, I was not impressed.  Not with the scenery or the area.  I sat for a minute and then thought - this is why I have wheels.  I decided there was a camping area not too far away that I visited last year.  I could just run up there and I know I'd be getting a nice place.  And it was on my way to where I wanted to end up eventually.  So, I set off and went up to Lake Havasu City.  The scenery was great on the way, I could see the Colorado River between rock formations, so I was happy I had decided on the change.
This is the view from my camp and I'm really intrigued by the rig on the right.  He has lots of toys in there.  Last year, there were campers who had a campfire every night and the man played guitar and sang.  I was hoping that they would be there again, but unfortunately, they have either left or were not in the area this year.  However, I met a few of the campers, and their dogs, and everyone seems very friendly and nice.  Of course, that's typical.  This is boondocking again - love the price!  Of course, this is why I bought solar panels!
I set up camp and later found that my fridge was in the hot sun all day.  This morning, I decided to turn the rig around so it would be in the shade most of the day.  It's really not that hard or time consuming when you have no hookups to deal with.  I also learned that my level gauge on the outside is off by a little.  I went in to see if the fridge was level and it was, regardless of what the gauge says.   I want to make sure my fridge stays happy - they aren't when they're not level and they're very expensive to replace!

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