Sunday, March 20, 2016

San Carlos, Mexico | Castaway Kids Benefit


On my last day in San Carlos, there was a huge benefit with music by various local performers and a BBQ.  I left after 4 hours, after hearing multiple groups, since they were only given time enough to do 3-4 songs each. For two of those hours, I volunteered to sell tickets, so I kept busy.  They were still going strong when I left.

This is only part of the crowd, and inside the restaurant was packed.  The photo below shows a great way to attend, except I don't think they got any food!

One of the groups performing was the Steel Pan Band of Esperanza Azteca Sonora, school children who have been trained on the steel pans.  One of the players was probably only 6 years old, so they start young.  As always, great performance by them.
I was able to get this shot of the bass player for Assterisko from the ticket sales table - nice to have a good zoom on the camera!

There were only one or two solo singers, this guy has a great voice.

The dance troupe also gave a performance.  Unfortunately, I missed some photos while I was selling tickets.  However, the event was well attended and everyone enjoyed it.

Of course, the vendors were outside the restaurant, just waiting to sell all sorts of goodies to anyone willing to buy.

Anyone wanting to find out more information about Castaway Kids can check out the website at

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