Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wupatki National Monument, Arizona

Remains of pueblos in this area date back to about 1000.  By the time the volcanos in the area stopped erupting, these people had moved on to another region.  During the time they inhabited this area, they built pueblos to live in, using the red rock that is found in this area. 
The construction of these pueblos is impressive, some were three stories tall.  Large boulders were incorporated into walls, depending on the terrain.  After all these years, with weather and vandalism, there is quite a bit left of these structures.


The photo below shows a large area that has been reconstructed, probably a meeting area for the community. 
One of the pueblos included a large open area that had remnants of walls that were rounded in shape, to enclose the open area.   It is thought that this area was for socializing and working on projects, such as pottery making.
This little guy was sitting in the middle of the trail when I was leaving.  He let me take a few pictures of him and then I got this shot from the other side.  Colorful little guy, and seemingly unafraid, he probably knows he can outrun me.

Some of the pueblos were miles away from this main area, and built on the edges of a small canyon, which was probably a water source at the time.


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  1. It was freeeeezing cold when I was there (December, 2008 as I recall) so didn't stay long or explore. So glad to see what I missed and how cool it is - yet another fascinating Arizona spot!