Friday, March 18, 2016

San Carlos Mexico | Time to leave

It is time for Semana Santa next week - although I'll be leaving to escape the madness.  There will be an influx of locals to celebrate this religious time.  Many of the local residents will not be leaving their homes very often until it's over.  These two guys have been all over, one banging his drum and the other with a cup for donations.  Their belts are made of bamboo pieces and when they move, the pieces knock together in rhythm.  We were in a restaurant recently, with the band on stage between songs.  These two guys came in, wandered around while the band waited for them to leave so they could continue.  They were able to get a few donations from the crowd.

I have been in San Carlos now for over 4 months and it is the longest I have stayed anywhere since I started traveling in my RV.  I have had lots of fun and have met wonderful people, but now that the weather is getting warmer, I'm ready to hit the road and explore.

San Carlos is a small town, but there's most everything here that's needed.  For other things, Guaymas is only about 10 miles away and has most anything you'll need. 

While I was here - I got to know many people in the community and joined them in my ceramics group, volunteering at the ambulance service's thrift shop, going out to eat in the local restaurants and listening to the many talented musicians who call this home.  I went to many of their events benefitting the animal population as well as some of the less fortunate families around the area.
I was lucky to have a friend who has been here a few years now and she introduced me to the area, the great restaurants and the people. 

I'm not looking forward to the long drive out of here. but it's nice enough here that I'll probably come back here again next winter.

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