Saturday, March 5, 2016

San Carlos, Mexico | Music on the Beach!

Mark Mulligan, in the colorful shirt covered with chiles, is a musician who has played gigs in San Carlos for years, as well as venues in the States.  This is the second time during my stay here that he has brought the band Forasteros, from Hermasillo, about 2 hours north of us, to play a concert for us at La Palapa Griega, which is located right on the beach.  They have been quite a hit in this little town. 

This last concert was attended by over 250 people.  As usual, the festivities started at 5 PM and continued to 8 PM.  During this time, the serving staff was kept running to provide drinks and food to everyone.  The photo below shows a great way to see the concert, just a short distance from the beach.  We got to sit right on the beach - since the restaurant isn't big enough to seat that many people, tables and chairs were set up on the beach near the stage.  Great ambience!

The band is billed as playing country music but they include music by the Eagles and Jimmy Buffett as well.  They sure know how to put on a good show, as you can see when two of the guitar players joined the audience for a line dance.

I got a kick out of this guy's guitar.  Obviously, he is a fan of the Dukes of Hazzard TV show and the Charger that was featured with the 01 painted race-car-style on the doors.


Thanks to Mark and everyone else involved for bringing us a fun evening!

Mark Mulligan was instrumental in developing the organization here called "Castaway Kids".  This organization, all volunteers, raises money to provide school scholarships to needy kids, provide food, clothing and shelter to families in emergency situations as well as other projects.  A thrift shop bearing that name also provides funds.  Anyone interested in learning more about Castaway Kids can find information on their website at


  1. looks awesome. I'm beyond ready for a trip like this

  2. Great place to spend the winter!

  3. This looks like a great place to visit. Adding it to my destinations bucket list.