Saturday, August 22, 2015

Newspaper rock

There are multiple sites in the southwest called Newspaper Rock, this one is on Route 211 headed to Canyonland. This rock has more petrogyphs than a couple of the other ones I've seen. It dates back to some of the early settlers about 1300 or earlier.

Not all of these symbols have been translated, since we have no other records. Just for fun, I'm posting the following petroglyph because I know someone will think they're alien beings. I'm not sure what the little antennae on their head are - possibly some large bug?

In keeping with the silliness, I'm sure the following photo was their record of deer or elk, but when I saw them in line, my mind flashed on Santa's reindeer.

There are other things that are puzzling, the round ones that look like wheels, and there's one that looks like a ladder. And what's with all the wavy lines? One can only imagine, we'll never know for certain.

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