Monday, August 31, 2015

Canyonlands National Park - Island in the Sky

This part of Canyonlands is the northern part accessible from Moab, not connected by any roads to the southern part called "Needles" area. I much prefer this one, since it's fantastic scenery. And it's very diverse, since the road to the main part of the park was mostly rolling hills with greenery on them.

As the name implies, there are canyons everywhere, canyons right in the middle of a flat plains area.

There is also a crater, shown below. There are different theories of how this was created long ago, but nothing definitive.

As I was walking toward one of the overlooks, a man with a British accent commented to me, "I can't get it all in the camera." I have always felt the same way. Photos don't show how massive this area is, we're only taking one tiny slice of a landscape to put on a computer. There are more photos below, and I made a short video of the scenery here in this park, click this link to see it....


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