Monday, August 10, 2015

Classic Car Show - Cortez, Colorado

The town of Cortez, Colorado isn't very big, but they put on a pretty good classic car show. I've been to quite a few shows and I actually saw something there that I haven't seen anywhere else. The photo above and the two below are a 1942 Lincoln Continental. The owner has restored it, but instead of keeping to the original design, he has made the hood hinge at the front and the trunk is hinged from one side. The car doors have been changed to suicide doors. It was beautifully done, but I think I would have preferred it to be original as much as possible, especially since he said there were less than 200 built that year. He said it took him about 20 years to restore it.

This next car is interesting, especially the bullet holes, you can see them on the passenger windshield and above the door.

This Studebaker was in great condition and is interesting because it was the last of its kind to be built in 1963, and the plant was closed the day after this one came off the line. There were only 46 of these built during that year and this one is claiming only 48,000 original miles.

This next one is something I've never seen at a car show......
There were quite a few Mustangs, a VW, street rods and muscle cars. Below are a few that caught my eye - some of which would cause me to revive my dormant lead foot.


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