Monday, August 24, 2015

Moki Dugway and Gooseneck State Park, Utah

I was on my way to Gooseneck State Park on a two lane road when I saw a couple of these warning signs. I had been warned about this 2 mile stretch of this road and it's actually marked with a warning on the Utah map, although not on my road atlas.

These people were not kidding about this road, I went down it in first gear. In places, the road was not wide enough for two vehicles to pass. There were no guardrails, even though it was a straight drop. On the inside, there were places where the road washed out and there was at least a foot or two drop. It would not be pleasant to run off the road here. There were some areas where you could pull off and take photos. A couple of the severe switchbacks were actually paved - years ago.
This road was built so you could get down from a mesa to the valley floor, shown above. Below shows one of the switchbacks that had a nice parking area to get out of traffic. I think some people on the road took the trip just for fun.

Finally, I was back on flat land......

I continued on to Gooseneck State Park, named for an area where the San Juan River runs through and created a canyon. In a distance of 1.5 miles, the river meanders 6 miles curving around. The river is 1000' below the canyon rim and it's an impressive sight.

Below are a couple more photos, and the last one was a mountain on my way home - I thought the zig zag color was interesting.

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