Thursday, August 13, 2015

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is another site in the middle of nowhere, on Navajo Indian land.  Most of it is in Arizona almost on the border, but I came down from southern Utah to tour it. 
There isn't a way to show how absolutely huge these rock formations are - just know that they are as large as multi-story buildings.  Some of them are as large as sprawling office complexes.  The one shown at the top is a butte.  Larger ones are called a mesa, because they're mostly flat on top and cover more territory.  It's also difficult to get good pictures of the ones far away, it seems like it was hazy the day I was there.
The monuments are accessed by a 17 mile road and I use the term very loosely.  It is more like a large hard-packed dirt path filled with rocks, mud holes full of water and ruts.  Some vehicles are not allowed on the road - including RVs, motorcycles and low cars (such as a Corvette) - and there's a good reason for that.
There have been movies made in the area, most notably a John Wayne flick called Stagecoach.  I'm not sure if it was filmed in this park, or outside.  Not all of the amazing formations are reached by the park road.
There are more photos below - just keep thinking - big buildings!

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