Friday, January 30, 2015

Navajo Art Show, Yuma, Arizona

I visited an art show today - Navajo jewelry, paintings, weavings and pottery.  The photo above is of an intricate sand painting, matted in a very intricate 4 layer mat pattern.  The design on the mat itself was carved out of each layer which provides the different color variations.  Very impressive work, as indicated in the price tag!
The rug below was a prize winner, it measures about 3' x 5' and woven in an intricate pattern that is very striking.  Price tag was striking also, four figures!  There were some smaller rugs in an approximate size of a placemat and they were only about $300. 
Native Indians all seem to be skilled pottery makers and they all have their own designs and methods.  I was able to watch some Indian artists in Taos, New Mexico last year, and all the painting on the pieces were being done by hand.  I was amazed how they could create such tiny, intricate lines in repetitive patterns and have them all come out perfectly.  Some of the pottery, as shown below, is carved with designs.


 I didn't bother looking at price tags on the pottery since I wasn't in the market - not only do I not have space for it, but I don't have that kind of a budget!  In any case, it was interesting looking at the creations from these American Indians.

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