Monday, January 19, 2015

Bridge to Nowhere (McPhaul Bridge) near Yuma, Arizona

Today I set out to find a couple sites that were described in one of the tourist brochures for Yuma. The sign above is from the historic downtown area. There were antique shops, jewelry and clothing stores as well as other shops.  That was fun, but I wanted to find something more off-the-wall.

I wanted to find the Bridge to Nowhere that was built back in 1929 and then abandoned once it was built because it was judged to be "too flimsy". This bridge is an 800' suspension bridge to go over the Gila River, which has since been diverted. The bridge is now behind a farm store and surrounded by fields full of veggies growing.


I thought it was funny that I'd find another Bridge to Nowhere, since I had seen one that was built in St Thomas in the Virgin Islands. The one in St Thomas still hasn't been attached to anything on either side of it, and there are doubts that it will ever be connected, even though it is much more modern than the one I saw today outside of Yuma. Your federal tax dollars at work!

Yuma is a very agricultural area and there were fields full of produce ready to be harvested as well as fields that had been planted recently.

The most interesting field I saw was one with various colored "greens". I find it interesting that they went to the trouble to make it so symmetrically colorful.


So, that was my fun for today.  The weather has been great, sunny and in the high 70s during the day but cold at night still.   I'm ready for the weather to get warmer at night so I can move north to higher elevations.

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  1. Love the shot of the different colored greens - really interesting! Cheers - Ellen