Monday, January 26, 2015

Summer Plans - 2015

This is a photo of one of the more dramatic places I explored last summer - Tent Rocks in New Mexico.  This rock formation is called a slot canyon - you can hike through the slot to find other areas with bizarre rock formations that look like tents - teepees.  I did a blog on it last year with more photos.
The reason I was digging around in my old photos today was because it was a cool, drizzly day and I didn't want to go anywhere.  I've been looking at maps and lists of places I wanted to see this summer.  It will be a busy summer, lots of hiking and fun things to see. 
When the weather warms up I'll head to northern Arizona, where the elevation is anywhere from 4,000 feet and higher.  There are good portions of the old Route 66 I want to drive, and from all reports, some should not be done hauling a trailer.  So, I will leave my 5th wheel and explore in the truck.  I hope to get to the Grand Canyon and down to Sedona, where there are energy vortexes as well as great hiking.  I have to stop at Winslow, Arizona because that's where the statue is - Standing on the Corner, in honor of the Eagles' song Take it Easy.  Gotta get a photo of myself with that statue! 
Shortly after that, I'll head north to another canyon and then back into New Mexico.  My camping permit is still good there and I can camp for $4 per night, with hookups.  There are a few things in the northwest part of that state that I missed last year.  After that, I'll head into the southwest corner of Colorado to see a few things and on into Utah.
Utah has a good selection of national parks and monuments in the eastern part of the state and most of them offer camping, although without hookups.  I'll be able to see arches, canyons and other rock formations.  There are unlimited hiking and photographing possibilities in this area.  Depending on how long all this take me,  I'll make my way to a few other areas and then head south for the winter. 
I know from living on a sailboat down in the Caribbean that all plans are never written in stone - we used to say that our plans were written in sand at low tide.  Luckily, I'm used to being flexible and wherever I am, I'll be exploring that area.

I'm hoping that fuel costs will stay low - I was able to find this the other day, while other stations were posting $1.95ish.  Gas Buddy is a great app to find out where the bargains are in your area.

Here's hoping all my fellow RVers have a fun, safe summer wherever they go. 

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