Thursday, January 22, 2015

Road Runner Alert!

I have been known to be impulsive, and today was one of those days.  As I was coming into the RV Park where I've been staying, I noticed a road runner walking along.  They walk because they prefer it and can reach top speeds of 15 MPH - by that time, they're running - fast!  This guy was wandering around aimlessly, so I pulled the truck over, put on my flashers and grabbed my camera.  I got out as quietly as I could and started stalking him. 

By the time he went in someone's yard, I decided I'd better not follow.  There were a couple people out for their daily walk and as I walked back to my truck I figured I should let them know what was going on.  Obviously, they hadn't seen the bird.  When I told them it was a road runner alert, they grinned and told me they were wondering what I was doing, leaving my truck and walking around with my camera.

Such a cool critter!   I just love these little birds.  And this is why I always have my camera with me.

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