Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Puerto Penasco, Mexico

Puerto Penasco is known locally (mostly to the gringo population) as Rocky Point.  Some people from the US and Canada drive down in their RVs, there are multiple parks, some are right on the beach, along with condos for sale.  The statue above is on the Malecon, a plaza in the tourist district, right on the Sea of Cortez.  There is a restaurant on stilts built out over the rocky shore of the Sea, where we had lunch.  There were four of us, my traveling friend, Robin, plus a Canadian couple who drove us all in their truck.  It was about 1 PM when we went to the restaurant, and by then, the thick fog that we drove into miles before we arrived in the city finally dissipated so that we had sunshine and calm water.  Dolphins were in groups rolling in the blue water and fishing birds were searching for their next meals.  Bright, beautiful and calming scenery.

It was bright and sunny when we left the restaurant, and we took some tourist-type photos and visited the local shops.  My photo is below, keeping someone's drink safe to be used as props for the photos. Check out all the pelicans on the rocks behind me, they were exhausted from following the fishing boats, hoping for a handout. 

We wandered back to the Malecon after looking through some shops, and found the little guy below, a man had him on a leash on the bulkhead along the rocky shore. 

The photo below shows a sculpture and columns on the Malecon, obviously taken before the fog lifted.  The explanation was in Spanish and I don't know enough to translate, but it was impressive.

After enjoying the sunny weather, we went to find a beach where we could get sand in our shoes.  Then, a nice relaxing ride home with almost no traffic.  Thanks go to our Canadian friends for the fun trip and especially for driving.

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