Friday, July 11, 2014

Valley Area - Bottomless Lakes State Park

Above is a typical picture of the valley area in and around the park and adjoining the rocky bluffs that were pictured in my blog from yesterday. 

Just because it's desert, that doesn't mean that there aren't pretty flowers.  I did find some, although I did miss the cactus flowers and other things that bloomed in April or May. 

These yellow blooms are tiny and on a little bush that seems to be low to the ground.

This is a plant that has some type of vine sprawled over it - sometimes this vine covers multiple plants.  It doesn't seem to harm the plant on the bottom.

First, I thought this little guy was a tiny hummingbird, he's only 2-3" long.  He was flitting from one flower to another and his wings were blurred because he was so fast.  There were bunches of them around that area.  I took lots of shots of them and got a few good ones.  Someone told me he's a moth, but I don't know what kind.  If anyone finds out what he is, please let me know.

I dropped something on the trail and noticed this guy, who was busy blending into his surroundings.  Looks like a grasshopper.

So, these are the most interesting things I saw on my 3 mile hike this morning.  Luckily, no rattlesnakes, although I keep looking.  Not that I want to see one, it's because I want to go the other way if I do!


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  1. Cicada at the bottom and hummingbird moth....member of the Sphinx moth family. Go figger.
    Gorgeous pics!