Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Roswell's Alien Fixation


Roswell, New Mexico is such a cool town.  They really are into their legend of the UFO crash way back in the 1940s.  You’d think the emphasis would fade after a few decades.  But, they’ve kept it going all this time and I think it’s fun, so I wanted to share some photos. 

Stores sell T Shirts and other items with the alien/UFO theme, some of their storefronts are shown below.  The tattoo parlor is next door and I bet they will do tattoos of aliens, although I didn’t confirm that.


 It’s been hot here and I had to buy a bottle of water the other day, the label states “UFO H2O, Preferred by Aliens in all Galaxies”.  A sign in a storefront for loans doesn’t say anything about lending to aliens, but they do have a little green alien face on the window.  And Arby’s welcomes aliens, it says so right on their sign.


 So for an otherwise ordinary town, these people have embraced and nurtured their legacy from another world.  Meanwhile, I’m still looking for friendly green aliens.


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  1. They get lots of tourists with their "hook" and of course, they only focus on "friendly" aliens.