Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tucumcari, New Mexico on Route 66



This is an interesting little town, and Route 66 runs right through it.  Route 66, also called The Mother Road, is four-lanes here, although it goes back to it's original 2 lanes on one and of town and disappears on the other, to appear further on.


 The mural in the above photo is on the side of a building in town and there are about 24 other murals around town, most of them larger.  They all depict the area's history or show the area's terrain - which is also called Mesaland.

Because of the history of the road, the town is full of old classic "mom and pop" motels, some of which have been maintained very well,, and others that have been closed and boarded up. 

Old gas stations have been taken over by other businesses or they have been boarded up. 

A few miles east of town, Route 66 continues to a town called San Jon, which has numerous buildings along the road that have been abandoned. 

There was a business along the road that was fenced in, with numerous old vehicles of various stages of rust and decay.  I parked along the road and wandered in to see if they would mind if I took some photos.  I photographed most of them - Studebakers, Jeeps, Fords, Ramblers, an Edsel, and many more.  They were a real contrast to the shiny classic cars in the museums in this area.

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse of Tucumcari, it sure has been fun here.  Tomorrow, I plan to give you another glimpse of the town, at night.

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