Monday, July 28, 2014

Ute Lake State Park, New Mexico

This park is probably the fifth state park I've been to in New Mexico.  When I first arrived, I discovered that the camping fee is $14 per night.  If you purchase a yearly permit, you can camp for $4 per night.  The permit was $225 and I figured I would break even if I stayed in different parks for at least 22 days.  As of now, this is my 25th day and I'll be moving to another state park tomorrow.  Or the next day, if I feel lazy when I get up in the morning.  This has been great for my budget, to make up for past technical difficulties! 

I thought the above pass through the rocks was part of the trail, but when I squeezed through, I didn't find a continuing trail on the other side.   The scenery in this area was great, lots of little hills and rocky coves on the lake, plus the giant boulders.


I love close-up photos - the above is sap oozing out of a tree.   
And just another little wildflower blooming along the side of the road. 

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