Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Roswell, New Mexico is famous for a UFO crash that supposedly happened in 1947.  Something happened and, unfortunately, any evidence was quickly snatched by the government.  Anyone who had happened to see anything was threatened with deadly consequences.  Of course, the government told everyone it was a “weather balloon” crash.
I visited the UFO Museum today.  There was a large collection of affidavits from witnesses who finally were persuaded in the 1990s to state what they knew about the situation.  Numerous newspaper articles addressed both sides of the situation, of course emphasizing the government’s position. 
There was a 3 page list of UFO activity tracked by radar in the 1950s and 1960s, none of which had an explanation.  Numerous photos were posted, only some of them were declared to be setups.  Quotes were posted from previous presidents of this country and others, scientists and other famous people have declared to believe in them, or had personally seen them.
Also on display, loaned for a short time, is a hand carved replica of a lid to a tomb from a temple of the Mayan people in Mexico.  This is about 8 feet tall and about 5 feet wide.  The carving is done in typical Mayan style, very ornate and complicated.  This carving depicts a Palenque Astronaut estimated about 400-500 AD and shows symbols representing extraterrestrials, symbols for many of the planets and symbols for parts of the spaceship.

In the mid-1990s the movie Roswell was released, which I have not seen, but will be looking for it at book exchanges, used book shops or thrift shops. 
The town is full of shops specializing in alien items and one fast food restaurant had a sign out front – Aliens Welcome!  Certainly something happened way back then, since the government stepped in so quickly and squelched things.  And this community has been living with it all this time.
If you believe in them or not, it certainly is interesting to think that there are other beings in other galaxies.  I think after I leave here, I’ll be headed over to a nearby state park where it’s far from city lights.  It will be almost full moon by then, and I think I’ll sit outside and stare at the night sky, willing the aliens to show themselves. 

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  1. Interesting. My DH goes through here every time he goes to a motorcycle rally in Ruidosa so I've seen the pics but never been there. Haven't seen the movie either.