Sunday, July 13, 2014

Full Moon

Above is a shot of the full moon the other night.  Actually, it was the night before, but I like this photo better than the one I took of the actual full moon.  Still in Bottomless Lakes State Park in New Mexico, but planning to leave early in the morning tomorrow.  By the way, the lakes are not really bottomless - the early explorers thought they were because when they tried to find out how deep they were by tossing a line in the water, it just drifted away and they never could get a measurement. 

These lakes all are partly rimmed with a bluff like the one pictured above and also shown on one of my previous blogs.  They're sinkholes, the earth was washed away by water from underground springs until finally the top covering became thin enough to fall in.  The other day I was exploring and found an area that looked interesting.  I parked the truck and wandered over to a patch of land high up on a hill without too much vegetation.  I don't like wandering through a lot of vegetation because I really don't want to run into a snake, especially a rattler.  Anyway, I was wandering around, kicking a few rocks and noticed that the ground sounded funny - unlike other areas I'd been in.  I kicked a few more rocks around and finally realized that the ground sounded hollow.  Mental images of the surface caving in under my feet were enough to make me turn around and hurry back to the road.  Who knows how deep it will be when it does cave in?  I certainly didn't want to test it, but I'm really curious.  It may take years or it might be next week.......

I found these cute little flowers this morning on my hike, I have no idea what they're called.  They are pretty much that size and very low to the ground. 

Tomorrow I'll be leaving here, but I've enjoyed the stay here, and I hope the next park I go to will be as nice.  Well, I could do without the flies, especially the deer flies - they have teeth!  Surprisingly, I have not experienced mosquitoes here, but that might be because it's the desert. 

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