Friday, July 8, 2016

White Bridge Campground | National Forest Service | Utah

This is where I've been staying for the past few days - White Bridge Campground in the Dixie National Forest. I find the name Dixie a little strange for this area, since I've always associated it with the southeastern U. S. - Georgia, Alabama, etc.  This is easy to get to, just take Route 143 out of Panguitch, Utah and keep going until you see the sign for the campground.  The fee is $17, a little high for the forest service, but Senior Pass will get you half price.  They do have flush toilets, trash dumpsters and water available.

If you're lucky to get a site on the south side of the campground road, you will be backed up to a little stream which will provide soothing background sounds.  It just happened that I found a decent looking site and didn't even realize I'd have riverfront property!

On the way to the camp, you might see deer, so drive slowly if it's early morning or evening.

You might also see sheep - this is a small group that wasn't interested in moving very fast.  Actually, they were standing still, just gazing around.  There was another, larger group that stopped traffic on this road in another location, until they felt like moving on.

There are little chipmunks and ground squirrels, as well as regular squirrels running around.  They won't pose for a photo, so sometimes I get just a tail end or a blur.  I did finally get a couple good shots of these guys.

I am always trying to get a great photo of a hummingbird, and this isn't it.  However, it does show something interesting about these birds.  If you look closely at the end of this guy's beak, you'll see his tongue.  Their tongues are actually little straws that suck up their nectar.  I can hear them buzzing around the campground at all times of the day.

I did check out other dirt roads in the area for boondocking, living without any services, so they would be free of cost.  There are some BLM areas available.  I didn't feel like I wanted to take my 5th wheel on any of those roads.  I found that most of those were out in the open, some were visible from the road and most had no shade. 

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