Friday, July 22, 2016

Mossy Cave | Bryce Canyon National Park | Utah

The day after I posted my blog about Bryce Canyon, I did this hike and thought it was worth sharing.  This area is not inside the main part of the park, but you can find it by driving further down Route 12 until you see a large parking area on the right.  It's a short hike, and the last part is a little steep, but not bad.

There are hoodoos here also, as well as a little stream running through the hike.  At one point, there is a small bridge to cross over the stream, as shown below.

This is what the cave looked like, although you cannot go into it.  It definitely is mossy. 

If you look closely at the next photo, you'll see water dripping from the ceiling.  Look in the center, bottom half of the photo.


The next few photos are taken on the way back. 

Unfortunately. the trail to the waterfall was closed.



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