Sunday, July 17, 2016

Coyote Hollow Equestrian Campground | Utah

I found this campground online - it's a National Forest Service Campground and they have hitching bars in case you have horses, in addition to fire pits, tables and grills.  There is running water, but signs say not to drink it.  While I was camped here two people came in and had multiple horses.  One of them was a five-month-old colt, who was just adorable.

There are only four sites here and they are very spacious with lots grassy areas between the sites. The cost is only $10 per night and half that if you have a Senior pass.  It's less than 10 miles to Bryce Canyon National Park and about 5 miles from Red Canyon.  This is a very lightly used campground, I noticed most people stay for only one or two nights.

There are herds of cows in the area and they wander through the campsite area usually in the morning and in the evening.  

The horses didn't seem to mind that the cows were in their area, and the cows seem like mellow creatures.

The area is nicely wooded, but still open areas during the day for solar panels.  Definitely worth a visit.

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  1. Beautiful pictures and informative comments. I'd go there!