Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Moqui Cave | Kanab | Utah

This is a little touristy place on the road just outside Kanab, Utah.  This cave and the surrounding area was purchased by a man who then set out to create a unique little museum in his cave.  He has done quite a bit of rock work on the outside. 

Inside, it really is a cave - you can tell because the temperature drops to a nice cool 70 degrees.  At one time, there was a bar in a back room.  The bar remains, but it's not in operation any longer.  The bar itself is still there, with it's tree trunk stools.

The bar top is a mosaic of scenes made of sliced stone and minerals with a coating of epoxy or a similar substance.

The back of the bar is also decorated with sliced minerals.

Slabs of rock show dinosaur footprints, each one of them labeled.

There are some rocks and minerals that glow under black light.  He has set up a dark room with black lights shining on different rocks from lots of locations - each one labeled with the name and location found.  This was my favorite area of the place.


It's an interesting little roadside attraction.


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