Thursday, July 14, 2016

Red Canyon | Utah

If you're headed to Bryce Canyon National Park from the west, you will pass through the Red Canyon.  Before you get to the Red Canyon, you're driving through nice green meadows with patches of trees.  Then, all of a sudden, you're driving through red rock formations similar to the one above.

The campground is right off the road in the middle of all these rock formations and hills.  From my campsite I could see a panorama of beautiful red rocks.  There were hiking trails from which you could see amazing views.  The campsite itself was great - $9 with a Senior Pass.  Showers are available, as well as rest rooms and water.  Another great National Forest Service park.

There are other very steep hikes you could take that bring you into the middle of these formations that are called hoodoos.

As I was exploring this area I saw a sign about some tunnels.  When they made the road they drilled right through some of these rock formations.  There were two of those quite close together.  Luckily they are tall enough for large RVs to fit through.

This area is very stunning and as you keep going, the red rock formations disappear and you get meadows again.  Until you get to Bryce Canyon which is quite close, but I haven't been into the park yet.