Saturday, November 28, 2015

Views of San Carlos, Mexico

This view is from a neighborhood that circles around one of our steep hills.  It provides gorgeous views of the main part of San Carlos.  Below is one of the oldest saguaro cactus I think I have ever seen .

Just because I love boats, especially sailboats at anchor, the photos below show some views of the harbor.

This next boat reminds me of one some friends had in the Caribbean.  Would be interesting if it was the same one, but I think they live on land now.  Could be the new owners have brought it over here.

This is interesting.  Looks like a new dock, but it's not attached yet.  It could be a very good way to keep people off it until it's finished, and hopefully, attached to land!
This next one is just for fun.  I noticed this local fishing boat that had a long line led up to shore.  Normally, I'd expect to see something like this with an anchor or tied to a tree to keep it in place.  It just struck me funny.

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