Thursday, November 26, 2015

Marina San Carlos, Mexico

 Having been a sailboat cruiser for years, I naturally gravitate to marinas wherever I happen to be.  They have been few and far between the past year and a half.  Here in San Carlos, there are lots of boats, both power and sail.  I happened to be there one morning when I shot the photos below.

This is how they haul large boats here - on a gigantic boat trailer with built in jack stands holding the boat in place.

I was intrigued and asked a bystander if they haul sailboats the same way.  The answer was yes, to my surprise.  Since the storage yard is down the main road, they just drive the Caterpillar down the road to the yard - following a small pickup with a "wide load" sign attached, written in Spanish.

On another day, I was walking along and saw this little 27' sailboat being hauled to put on the owner's trailer specially made for a sailboat.  This lift is mounted right on the concrete next to the water and the crane just swings the boat ashore to be put on the trailer.

I had never seen either of these methods of boat hauling before, since all I have ever seen are the typical Travelifts that have been used on boats in any marina I've been in.  Those are huge frames that come out over a concrete slip in the water, and then huge canvas straps are put under the boat.  The Travelifts then crank up the boat to clear the docks and travel over to where the boat is set on jackstands to be worked on or just stored.

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