Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sunsets in San Carlos

Sunsets can be seen from town, but to see the sun setting into the Sea of Cortez requires a little trip to a place called El Mirador.  It's not very far away and busloads of tourists are brought here for the event.  The photo below shows a concrete seating area that extends around the point of land to give an almost 180 degree view.
This is the view from the seating area shown above.  Just gorgeous.
One of the earlier shots of the day.
This was a shot a day or so after I arrived.  It was taken on the road near where I'm living.

This isn't really a sunset photo, but I'm calling it one.  It was taken on the beach while the sun was setting opposite this scene and it lit up with the beautiful sunset light.

And this isn't a sunset shot either, but it was one of the last ones I took last night as I was leaving. I love the pink clouds that lit up over the rocks and the almost-full moon toward the right.  That rock is called Tetakawi and is a landmark in the area.