Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday Afternoon Drive in Mexico

This afternoon I was lucky enough to be invited for a ride into the desert area around San Carlos and Guaymas to small towns and a village inhabited by farm workers who tend the surrounding fields.  We went down a dirt road and found this small peaceful lake near a dam.  We sat there in the quiet shade and watched the small dragonflies and tiny fish.  I got a shot of one of the bright blue dragonflies, but couldn't catch the orange one.

On the way home we passed a few locals making tortillas over an open fire.  We quickly turned the Jeep around and went back to get some. 

We watched them being cooked, which takes just seconds on each side.  It looks like the hardest part is rolling out the dough into a thin circle.

I got a half dozen to go, as well as a container of refried beans.  When I got home, I made a quesadilla with the beans and tortillas, just added some cheese!  It tasted great, and although the beans had a bit of heat to them, it wasn't excessive.  Now I wish I had bought more of the tortillas!  A great way to spend the afternoon!  I made note of a few places we passed so I could go back and take some photos of the area.

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