Thursday, November 19, 2015

San Carlos, Mexico - First week.

I have been in San Carlos a week now - my first week anniversary!  I have had a great time already.  I'm lucky a few RV friends have already been here for a while and helped get me acclimated to the area.  The photo above was taken when we went looking for geodes in the desert.
The town is small, partly US and Canadians, living both in permanent homes and RVs and partly Mexican citizens.  Luckily, most of the Mexicans I've met know English, although I have been trying to use my meager knowledge of Spanish I learned in Venezuela.  I'm getting used to the value of pesos and the different bills and coins.  Tonight we went out to eat and I had fettucini alfredo with chicken, complete with salad and garlic bread - for $6.25.  Yummy, and I have enough left over for another meal!
The photo above shows something I have never encountered before.  We all went out for brunch one day and the waiter brought over what looked like a short coat rack.  It was for all our purses!  What a great idea!


This is a view from one of the restaurants in town.  You can eat in an open area under a large roof, or out on the beach where you can look for dolphins or watch the pelicans diving for their meals.

They also have entertainment in the afternoon out on the beach, or in the evening under the shelter. The Twins were playing when were there, twins and their son/nephew.  They played Mexican music as well as songs that have been popular in the States - but they sang them in Spanish.  It was funny to recognize the tune but not the lyrics!  Usually the music starts at 5 PM and ends at 8 - an early evening. 

It has been a busy week - Jeep rides in the desert, walking on the beach, and getting familiar with all the different restaurants and seeing some of the entertainers.  I'm looking forward to enjoying my time here!   Viva Mexico!


  1. I looks so nice. Wish I was down there too. Maybe someday. It was good to see you at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. How has the weather been for you?

    1. So far it's been mid 60s at night with nice warm mid-70s during the day! Mostly great sunny days. Come on down! More photos to come.......