Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Abiquiu Lake Park

I just spent a week in a park run by the Corps of Engineers.  This park has some of the most gorgeous scenery, both inside and on the roads leading to the park.  This is red rock country, an area made famous by the paintings by Georgia O’Keeffe, who lived in the area for decades.  There is more information and photos about this area in my two previous blogs.
The camping areas all have views of the lake, and I had a great view, especially sunsets.  


The little town, about 8 miles away, consists of an all-purpose store/restaurant/gas station, a tiny post office, some art galleries and an old adobe church, founded in the 1800s, that has been kept very nicely. 
The most famous formation in the area is Cerro Predernale, can be seen from all over, and is very visible from the park.  It has appeared in many photographs and various other art work. 
Although the lake is cold, since it’s about 6300’ up in the mountains, I did see a brave person water skiing on the lake.  I met quite a few people who had been fishing, but no one admitted to catching anything worth keeping. 
 It was a great place to spend a holiday weekend, and I definitely would visit that park again.


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