Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bluewater State Park, New Mexico

I spent almost a week in this park and enjoyed the hiking, mostly in the canyon or around the lake.  The hike to the dam was fun, except for the part that was mushy with black water that was way deeper than I figured.  The scenery was pretty, with high rocky walls on both sides, with ponds of water formed by the slow moving river.

 At the dam, there was a very old house made of rocks, wood for the rafters and metal for the roofing material.  There was a small fireplace inside, and only one room.  Unfortunately, it was a real fixer-upper.



On another day, I took a hike up the hill near the lake and got a view of the dam, with the house nearby.


 Every morning, there was a group of horses that came through the campground, trimming all the grass.  I was told they were wild horses, but they seemed very relaxed being around humans, vehicles and RVs. 

After I got my body recharged with hiking and relaxing (and a little housecleaning), it was time to set out for some city exploring as well as another park. 


  1. Looks like a real pretty place. Sounds like you are still having fun.

  2. Colleen - I am. take the long way home and come on over here.