Saturday, September 13, 2014

Continental Divide on Route 66, New Mexico

I took a ride on Route 66 today and the portion I was on just happened to dead end just after the Continental Divide.  That seemed to be a mystical thing to me, I'd never been near it and it seemed to wander all over the area.  But, since I was in the neighborhood, I decided I wanted to actually experience it.  As you can see in the following photo, there's no mystique about it.
Since this is right off Interstate 40 and right on Route 66, the Indian population decided this was as good a reason as any to publicize it and even make a few bucks off the fact that the Continental Divide was right there!

I walked through each shop, three of them all lined up along the highway, I noticed that they had lots of similar merchandise and prices.  There was only one gas station, located at this Indian Village, and the price was higher than it usually was when it was Indian owned.  Maybe the difference is that it has to be on the reservation to be cheaper, I don't know.

I had never heard of a Navajo Hogan, so I had to ask inside this shop.  It's the name they give to their homes that are built in a specific fashion.  They're made of logs stacked up, usually 6 or 8 sides, with the door facing east, for religious reasons.  Even the roof was made of logs stacked up on top of each other in tighter circles so that the roof ends up being a bit of a dome.
It was a nice afternoon drive and I keep learning something new every day.  My mind will be full of interesting, but mostly unusable, information!

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