Sunday, August 31, 2014

Plaza Blanca, New Mexico

Plaza Blanca isn’t a town or even a crossroads.  It’s an area off a remote dirt road that is full of rock formations and towers.  Instead of the red rock that is so prevalent in this area, this is more a light concrete or sand color.  Whatever the color, it’s a very impressive area.  The area was all off-white color, except for rocks of all colors that had washed down from somewhere above, they were scattered over the entire area, adding contrast.  Someone had even arranged some of them into a spiral formation.
 I hiked all over the area and followed a gully that would have been a river had it been rainy season.  It turned into a miniature canyon and I followed it until it was just a little stream coming down from the rocks further upstream.  I kept seeing dog footprints, and then I realized it was probably a coyote.  Then I kept looking for a coyote, but didn’t get to see one.  I did get to hear a few of those when I stayed at a campground that was in a canyon.   I did see the cute little critter in the photo below.
The area was quite large and a bit spooky since I seemed to be the only person in the area.  There were no noises except for the occasional bird call and except for the cute lizard, the only other critter I noticed was a tiny frog about an inch long, and he blended perfectly into the sand that had washed down from above and was brown shades. 
Further on into the gully area were some large trees which have been hanging on for years during the rainy season and they seemed quite healthy. 
After an hour and a half of wandering around these amazing structures, I decided it was time to get some lunch.    


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