Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Luckenbach, Texas

This town is on my map, but my GPS didn’t know about it at all, which is not unusual, since she keeps telling me she’s “recalculating”, or that my destination is on the right when it’s definitely on the left.  She has not known about established cities before this.
I’m not a country music fan, but I figured I needed to drive through this town just because it’s famous enough to have someone write a song about it and actually make it a hit.  Well, it would be a real stretch to call this a “town”. 

There is a Post Office, which also sells tourist items in the front.  They boast a population of 3.   Yes, only 3, I didn’t forget any other numbers.   And then there’s the bar in the back, full of signs covering all walls, as well as objects hanging from the ceiling and a few neon beer signs.  If you go out the back door of the bar, you’re in an area of picnic tables with a stage for music.  There was a guy sitting on a stone wall with a guitar, playing and singing, a few people were gathered around with drinks.

Nearby, there’s a small building that has unique siding on the outside walls – license plates from all over.  Across the street, it’s just a dirt path at this point, there’s an old-time dance hall where they have concerts on the weekends.


Certainly, it’s different and laid back.  It’s the kind of place you wander into and then spend the next few hours sitting and listening to music.  There were some bikers there, and it gives them a nice ride on a country road on a beautiful summer day.

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