Friday, June 13, 2014

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area

Today I visited the Enchanted Rock State Park.  This is an area of granite domes, rising up to 1800’ or more above sea level.  The tallest one, for which the park is named, is a steeply sloped granite surface that climbs 425’ in .6 mile.  Huge boulders have broken off and remain scattered in the area. 
I went early to try to escape the heat of the day, and as I was climbing up to the top, it was comfortably breezy.  When I got to the top, the wind was at least 30 mph, possibly more.  Just when you think you’re at the top, it seems there is more to climb.  The photo above is when I was about halfway up - it seems closer than it is.
It was refreshing when you finally walk up the crest and see the surface flatten out.  There are little areas of vegetation, complete with wildflowers that have been able to anchor themselves in the dirt that has been blown up to the top.  There is an impressive 360 degree view of the surrounding area, although it was a hazy day. 
After recovering from the steep climb, I started my way back down and took the Echo Canyon Trail, which went between Enchanted Rock and Little Rock, which is just a few feet less than Enchanted.  This trail was mostly across boulders and rocks that had tumbled down through the years.  The wind was totally blocked by the Rock, so the trail was hot and mostly sunny.   This took me around the base of the Enchanted Rock, plus a few mystery trails that were marked with an arrowhead sign.
I love mysteries, so I took 2 of these trails, ending up at the base of the huge edifice and as far as I was concerned, there was no reason to be there.  It wasn’t marked on my map and I couldn’t see anything in the area that was interesting enough to create an extensive trail.  When I got back to the headquarters, I questioned the ranger and found that they were for the actual rock climbers – those people who scale the face of rock structures that seem to have vertical sides.  OK, not for me, it was just more hiking for me.
 I had a good morning hiking and I was getting hungry, so I finally got back to my truck and with a sigh of relief, turned on the air conditioning.

For those wishing to see more photos - check out my slide show at

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  1. Your photos are fantastic and I love the video of pictures! Usually there are quite a few rock climbers you can see from the base clinging to the sides of the more sheer faces.