Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Full Service?

A situation happened a few days ago that still has me surprised and a bit amazed. 

I’m in a little town called Mason, Texas and stopped at a local Chevron gas station to get some gas.  I pulled up at the pump and a man came out and snatched the fuel line and started to open my gas tank.  In shock, I looked at him and looked at the pump – and saw the price was $4.25.   I looked again at the big sign on the road that said $3.53.  I asked him what the correct price was – he told me it was $4.25 for full service.   Full Service??!  Since when do we have full service gas stations?  I told him I didn’t want to pay that price and he told me I’d have to pump it myself at the other pump.  There were no signs or warnings.

Obviously, I pulled around to the other pump – really – over $.70 per gallon to have someone pump your gas?  I got out at the other pump with my credit card – no place to swipe it through.  No signs telling me what to do.  I start to the office and he stopped me, saying “Pump first, Pump first.”   OK, I guess I can do that.  As I was pumping gas into my tank, I got a bit suspicious and figured I’d only put $20 in, just in case.  Most stations want the credit card swiped through first – there has to be a catch. 

I went in to pay, he swiped my card and then I saw him figuring something on his calculator and the price on his cash register increased from the amount I pumped in.  I asked him what the increase was for – he told me that it was a 5% charge for using a credit card.  I shook my head and told him it would be the last time I would stop in there.  I’m so glad I didn’t fill my tank, my truck is thirsty and it could have run up to $60 or more.    This guy also does some auto repairs there, but he doesn’t seem too busy, you can imagine why. 

I’ve been in Texas now for about 6 weeks and have really enjoyed my time here.  The people have been friendly and helpful and I’ve really enjoyed the places I’ve visited.  Even Mason, the town is a cute little gem in the middle of the state, a no-stoplight town.  I won’t let one greedy man change my opinion of the state. 

Still – I can’t get over it – full service at a gas station!  OK, when is the last time anyone ever saw that – except for the handicap signs that we had on the fuel pumps in Florida?  And then it was the same price. 



  1. Wow, unbelievable! You need to post the name of the station on FB. That is a huge rip-off and definitely not the friendly Texas way.

  2. Colleen - I'm so glad you agree. I was hoping I wasn't over-reacting, but I was so amazed at the blatant, underhanded way he was trying to make extra money. It's the only Chevron station in town, so people will know not to go there, the place is NOT that big! When I pass by, there's hardly anyone at the pumps. Like I said - the rest of the people in Texas have been great and I've had no other problem - I've enjoyed it all.