Monday, June 2, 2014

Gruene, Texas


I went to Gruene, Texas the other day, a cute little old town that has become a thriving tourist attraction.  Among other old buildings located there, Gruene Hall is the oldest dance hall in Texas built in 1868, and quite famous, since many famous singers have played there.  It's a big old building, totally wooden, including the floors.  Nothing fancy about this place, seems that they don't even sell liquor, only beer.  Framed photos line the walls and seating in the large area is picnic tables.
There's an antique store, a gigantic one with so much stuff in it that you couldn't see it all.  In reality, it was part museum and part store.  In addition to jewelry, vintage dishes and other items, there were old cooking utensils, tin cans from back when food items such as crackers and pretzels came in such things.  There were also gallon-sized metal cans that had contained oil or heavy-duty lubricant.  Of course there were old soda bottles and beverage cans. 

One store had fossils, geodes, arrowheads, sharks teeth and more pretty rocks.  For those of you who may have read my blog about being a rock fan, I can now be accused of spending money on rocks.   I picked out 5 small ones and including all of them, they claim to boost my energy, confidence and courage as well as improving my intuitive perception and reasoning.  As a bonus, they guard against the evil eye, depression and melancholy.    One claimed to be good for artists and another will bring me tranquility and calm my nervousness.  OK, sounds good, and they're really pretty.  I'll let you know when my transformation to a perfect person happens.

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