Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Route 66 - Needles, California

Needles, California is located directly on old Route 66, the pre-1930 road, as the sign below tells us. 
There are multiple old motels that are abandoned, complete with neon signs that no longer work, and probably have not worked for decades.
A few old gas stations are still standing and a couple look like they've been maintained, one of the gas pumps on this one shows the last sale of one gallon at 34 cents.

This one has no pumps, but someone was working there, possibly restoring the old truck.

The train station is large and is well used.

 This looks like it was a popular place back when Route 66 was well traveled.  The sign looks pretty good, but the building needs help.

The murals are all over town, on restaurants, mechanic shops and other buildings.  I'm sure they're not the original ones, but I'm glad the residents keep Route 66 alive as much as they can.