Monday, April 11, 2016

Three States - One Day!

I had been boondocking on BLM land near Lake Havasu City until today.  I have had a friend staying with me for a while before she continues on her way to the Pacific northwest.  The last two days have been steadily cloudy and rainy, so we were really getting tired of it. 
In spite of the rain, we did have some good scenery, like the awesome light and rainbow in the photos above.  This was as the sun was headed to the horizon, and below shows the sunset.

When we left today, we went from Arizona to a small RV park in California on the Colorado River.  That was a trip of only a few miles, but at least it's a change of scenery.  After we set up camp, we got in her truck and went looking for a little truck camper or travel trailer for her trip.  That took us on a side trip to Laughlin, Nevada.  Laughlin is basically a casino town lots of giant casinos, some of which you can see below.  It's right over the river from Bullhead City, Arizona.

I love this next photo, since I'm sure there would be more people in the Losers' Lounge than in the Winners' Lounge!  If they even had a Winners Lounge!

This riverboat casino is cheating, since it's built totally on land.

Driving back home, I noticed this sign.  It's the type of place I try to find if I'm having technical difficulties!

OK, no major traveling today to be in three different states, but it just struck me as being mildly humorous.  And it's great to be in a different location!

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