Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Steel Pan Band of Esperanza Azteca Sonora Benefit in San Carlos

This is the Steel Pan Band of Ezperanza Azteca Sonora. There was a fund-raiser yesterday for this group to provide funds to assist in training young Mexicans' on the steel pan.  These kids played between performances of other musical talent from the area throughout the afternoon.  They did a great job and I'm sure their instructors are thrilled.

While we were driving out to the venue, this foggy mist drifted through the Tetakawi Cerro.  There was a huge cloud/fog bank out on the Sea of Cortez that looked ominous, but never came close to us.  It just dissipated during the afternoon, so we had great weather for this beach event.

The event was held at Soggy Peso's, an open-air restaurant/bar that has a great view and even greater sunsets.  They did a wonderful job providing food and drinks for over 200 people at this event.

Shown below are only a handful of the musically talented people who live and perform in San Carlos and who contributed to this event.  I didn't get photos of everyone, since I was one of the lucky people who were requested to collect donations during the event.  And, of course, I had to do a little socializing myself!

 This is Tana Threadgill, Leslie Sahlen and Lorena Robles.

I didn't get the names of these guys but they are a group from the RV park in town and I was told they sing there weekly at a happy hour.  They were quite good.


Sam Rainwater is one of our local TropRock guys, and he writes some great lyrics.

The Dudes specialize in classic rock and can be seen in a few places around town.

In addition to the musicians, there was a great performance of a local dance troupe in town.
This photo shows some of the steel pan players as well as some of the teachers and developers of the program.

At the entrance to the restaurant, we noticed this collection of paintings for sale by a local artist, great colors and he captures the area very well.

And to end the event, there was another great sunset on the beach.  Thanks to Susan E King for coordinating and planning this entire event - great job!


  1. That's a stunning sunset picture. Someday I hope to see that rock in person.

    1. I'm loving it down here! There are sunsets more stunning than this one!