Thursday, January 21, 2016

San Carlos Afternoon

Four of us went out for lunch in a small fishing village called La Manga the other day.  When we walked in, this seagull was finishing his lunch - lobster.  There is a sign on a post nearby telling everyone not to feed the birds.  Doesn't much matter, since it's so open they just fly in and snag what they want.  A table just vacated by diners is open target for them.

Pretty good views and it was a bright sunshiny day!

When the seagulls are not eating, they hang around checking on their next target.

After we left that restaurant, we went to another one just to check it out.  This is the interior, which can be made very open by opening all the windows.  Love the palm tree inside, and the hanging lamps are made out of dried palm material.

Placemats are old record albums, with a record in the middle of the table.

Outside, there is a eucalyptus tree that has been split in half for tables with stumps for chairs.  The wide end of the table is about 3 feet across - gorgeous wood.

It was a breezy day, so the kite surfers were out having fun. 

This is one of the neighboring restaurants - love these palapa type structures.

The gate shown below is on a closed restaurant, I guess rope works well for security to keep people out, since it's still intact.  I love their creativeness in fixing things.

On the way home - we came across a 2 bus accident - looks like one bus tried to get in front of the other one.


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