Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Dog Sitting

No, I have not started a new business, but I am dog sitting - well, 4 dogs and 1 cat down here in San Carlos, Mexico.  A friend who lives here asked if I would feed her dog while she was gone for a couple days.  Sure, no problem, I had met the dog multiple times and he's a sweetie.  Then I find out another friend is taking the trip with her - and they wanted to combine the dogs at one house, where I could stay.

The catch is that the other friend has 3 dogs - and a cat!  Haha - that would make a total of 5 animals - what a zoo!  I ended up counting dogs to be sure they were all present and accounted for!

I went over a couple times to meet the other three dogs so they could get to know me - what a group!  They are all wonderfully friendly animals and get along great with their cat buddy.  The cat was very aloof when I met him, but ended up sleeping at my feet the first night, purring away.  Typical cat behavior.

The largest dog was an ex-working dog and she always stays in the yard at the massive front gate - on guard duty.  She's very impressive-looking, as you can tell by the photo above, and the first day I came over to stay there, I was glad I had little dog biscuits to hand out because she was especially vocal. 

The next smaller one is a very friendly ex-street dog that my friend rescued after she was hurt.  She's so friendly and sweet, and she's up for adoption - in case anyone is interested.  Another one about the same size is older and therefore a little bit quieter than the others, but he will join in to warn people not to get too close.  The smallest one is a large Chihuahua, who pretty much stays in the background of the other dogs because they're more boisterous.  They all do their part when someone drives by, rides a bike, or walks by the house.  There is no problem with security with this crew.

The house is beautiful, the main bedroom is larger than my whole 5th wheel!  There are lots of Mexican tiles, and other artwork around, as well as local, rustic furniture.  The high ceiling is made of large tree trunks with bamboo sticks between the trunks to cover the ceiling, very rustic.  I enjoyed staying there for a few days, but I'm not about to trade in my 5th wheel for a house just yet.

And this is a photo of one of this weekend's sunsets.  The sun had just gone down and creates a glow that happens quite often in San Carlos.



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